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Year: 1993. I was born surrounded by art.

I come from a circus family and grew up accompanying and watching my father and mother perform. My parents never forced me to be a circus artist and this wish came naturally with the passing of the years. 

In 2008, I attended “Escola Nacional de Circo”, it is the National Circus School in Rio. After 4 years of practice, I graduated successfully in 2012. Immediately after graduation, I worked in circuses and galas in Rio de Janeiro and in 2013 I had my first international experience in Sweden and thereafter travelled to Germany to work in the famous amusement park “Europa Park” where I was engaged from 2014 to beginning of 2017.

Since then, I was engaged in a wide variety of shows in theaters, galas and events in Germany, Australia and around the world.

My wish is to continue to do what I love, to be part of shows of some best entertainment companies and to bring my art and happiness to the entire world. 



With her brand new hula hoop performance, the south American-born artist Jessica Savalla presents a fiery mixture of acrobatic elements, dynamic tricks, dancing talent and a hip swing that is clearly at home in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

All this is presented by this exceptional artist with a naturally femininity that can only be found in the form of such a charming Brazilian. An explosive mixture, which pushes every spectator into the seat and at the same time sweeps everyone away. Predicate: sitting still is impossible. 


Juggling is Jessica's main discipline. Using clubs and balls in her rock and roll style performance makes her distinctive in the artistic world in that she can manipulate both objects instead of specializing on one set of skills.

Her powerful act, strong and unique stage presence, great technical and dynamic juggling skills make her an unparalleled juggler. 


  • Europa Park - Germany 

  • Variete Et Cetera - Germany

  • BAYER AG Gala - Germany

  • GOP Variete - Germany
  • Schmidt Theater - Hamburg - Germany 

  • Love Riot (Strut & Fret) - Australia 
    P&O Cruises

  • Variete Feuer & Eis - Germany 

  • FACEBOOK More Together (Commercial)

  • Unicirco Marcos Frota - Brazil 

  • Up Leon - Brazil 

  • Furuviksparken - Sweden 

  • Mundo Encantado do Circo 

  • The 7th International Festival "Magie Alegria" 


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